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Muckletoon Adventure Festival

19th -21st June 2020

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Langholm ‘The Muckle Toon’

Is just waiting to be discovered!

Steeped in historic tradition and surrounded by beautiful landscapes it’s fast becoming a haven for outdoor enthusiasts looking for something a little different. Just 20 minutes from the M6 at Carlisle, you cross the border to a town where the locals’ charisma and hospitality will have you coming back time and time again.


Langholm offers something for everyone. From art galleries to vibrant craft shops, producers markets to welcoming public houses, be sure to spend time taking in the unique character of the town centre as well as exploring the highly diverse surrounding countryside.

Where else can you combine a hike over open moorland with a visit to Kagyu Samye Ling, the first Tibetan Bhuddists centre to be established in the West.

Spend time discovering some of the areas dark history at the Clan Armstrong Heritage museum as it tells the tale of Border Reiver clans and their descendants today. None other than Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, received the key to this historic town as a result of his clan’s heritage.


Challenge yourself with a steep climb to the Hugh MacDiarmid memorial, where the famous iron standing “open book” signifies the work and life of the poet born in the town in 1892.

The adventurous may find themselves exploring further into the vast and unspoilt valleys of the area where stumbling across rural cairns may leave you surprised to realise you are standing in front of the birthplace of Thomas Telford, the most influential engineer of the 19th century.

If you are fortunate enough to land in Langholm on the last Friday of July, join the thousands lining the streets, encouraging the townsmen and women as they mark the annual Common Riding on horse back.


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**************MTAF 2020 UPDATE***************
Hey Folks

As you may be aware the Muckle Toon Adventure Festival is brought to you by a hard working team of volunteers who have taken time out of their busy lives to bring together an amazing multi-day event for all ages and abilities over the past seven years.

Despite continued huge enthusiasm for the event, due to unforeseen circumstances the committee are unable to meet the demands of this year’s event and are therefore cancelling MTAF 2020 in its current format.

We understand this is disappointing but do not fear, the committee instead will be putting their efforts into delivering the best trail half marathon and 10K in Scotland on Saturday 20th June 2020*!

We hope you will continue to support this valued and much loved community owned event in the future.
MTAF Committee

* All entrants to MTAF trail half marathon and 10K will receive an email offering full refund or automatic entry to the ongoing trail half marathon/10K on the same day at 11am. All other entrants to all events will be automatically refunded within the next 7 days..


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Is mtb also cancelled. Thanks

Well done for what the team achieved, all the very best for future plans.

Sorry to hear this. Was such a great weekend but also a huge undertaking. Enjoyed the trail races n the summit challenge over the last few years. Amazing that u r still able to put on the trail races....hope many participate n make the day as fun as ever!!!

A tough but no doubt hard thought and brave decision by you all. Good on you for making it, and for everything you've achieved in helping put Langhom *FIRMLY* on the map for lovers of the great outdoors. Best of luck with the MTAF-Lite this year, we're right behind you all the way folks (y)

Aw that's sad, mtb event was brilliant, hope it comes back next year 🀞🀞

Fab event which we’ve really enjoyed but the past. Will still try and support when we can πŸ‘

Was looking forward to this. It's a great weekend.

Absolutely gutted for all involved everyone does such an amazing job! X

A phenomenal amount of hard work to get the festival up and running in the first place not to mention keeping that up for 7 years - well done to all x

Typical just when a get my back sorted

Can anything be done to support the committee in the future? MTAF was great for the Muckle Toon.

Pity... MTB was a good hard well organised run.

Sorry to hear this. Was a great weekend.

Shame but with good reason I’m sure.

Oh dear 😒 Lynne Scott Richard Scott


Gillian Welsh Robbie Harris Andrew Welsh Lisa Gibson Paul Gibson Heather Roberts Steven Roberts #gutted

Claire Brady

Paul Alcock

Andy Smith

Kath Malone

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